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R: E-Lamp or GE Genura

Original poster: "Vladimiro Mazzilli" <V.Mazzilli@xxxxxxx>

Hi all,

I have the first sample of Genura in my hands in 1996 an I remember that the working frequency was 2.7MHz or similar, but I can remeasure it. I also have sectioned the lamp but with half cutting in the plastic base in order to maintain the lamp working, and I found a half bridge autooscillating resonant voltage feed converter like a normal cfl but with a hard ferrite mos driver core. (I think that the mos driving is also resonant) I remember that the AC input current was a partialized vawe but I dont' remember the conduction degrees. Tomorrow I'll measure it and put the photos on Terry temp site

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Original poster: Luc Benard <ludev@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,

I search tesla pupman with this to word with out success, these lamp seem
to use a micro tesla probably in CW mode, in the documentation I found they
talk about an induction coil in the PS but at 13.56 Mhz you could speak of
HF and it probably use a coreless trans. Any way it could interested some
of you.

Here is a starting link;

On some other site you could see an explode view of it ... really look like
a small tesla


Luc Benard