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Re: Project Tesla - Wendover

Original poster: "Steven Steele" <sbsteele@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I wonder if they can find out where we all live b monitering our Tesla Coils?
That be freaky.
I'm scared.

           Steven Steele
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Original poster: "Mike" <induction@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ed,
The receiver was intended to just see signal and what power level. They already have a network of these things for global lightning strike location and current level detection. Also, they are not limited to just a few Hz but extend to over 20 khz. These are magnetic detectors. One such station is located in Rhode Island and maintained by MIT. There is also a large commercial network that covers all of the United States, these people contract data out to NOAA and will also sell information to insurance companies; Yes, the insurance CAN confirm if your location was hit by lightning, to confirm a claim.
I know the receivers have sharp notch filters to cut 60 Hz and power line radiated signals.
Because one of the people we work with is the installer and maintains the Schumann station in Rhode Island, stops in to gather the data from computers there, I know it exists for a fact.
In this, you do not want to think in terms of some huge inductor and resonator. Here is a link with picture and other information about how the cavity is monitored, in short, what the receiver is and how they use the data.
It is a fairly simple system. http://cee.mit.edu/index.pl?iid=3479&isa=Category

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Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"Here is a long article by Toby Grotz regarding the Wendover project.  I
can't recall the source of the article, and sorry the formating is lost.
Note the planned reliance on Dr. Corum's papers . . .  (The first few
paragraphs are not Wendover related, but I left them in because they
describe some of Golka's other interesting experiments)
--Steve Y."

Long [winded] is right!  As for the experiments with indoor
"fireballs", I suspect many of you have observed the results of a
high-current arc between metallic electrodes.  Little balls of burning
metal (" white with an aluminum electrode and yellow with iron" splatter
around and dance on the table or floor.  Nothing to do with electric
fields or other nonsense.  Curious statement; "The loss of power in the
cavity has been estimated to be about 6% per round trip."  Wonder if the
estimator was aware of the extremely low Q of the Schumann
resonances?????  I would like to see the design description of the
"receivers" which were to be resonant at "7 or 8 Hz".

Too bad all of this stuff didn't go together as planned, as the results
(if honestly reported) would have resolved forever any expectation
concerning the practicality of the "world power system".