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Re: Ignition Coils for power supply

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm jealous! WATT a perfect name for a coiler!!!{:-)
Seriously, I'm intrigued by the photo of your ignition coil driven TC.
you give me some details of the construction, offline if not appropriate
here? I used to drag race cars, pretty serious stuff at the tracks, not
street stuff. Anyway, I have in my possession several beefed up higher
stock voltage racing ignition coils that we used with aftermarket
"Capacitive Discharge Multispark Ignition" systems. Most of them are the
yellow Accel Super Coil rated at 50 kV. They are about twice as massive
stock ignition coils for better heat transfer and more room for
turns. I also have one coil that is rated 60 kV, which is also much more
massive than the stock ignition coils. The marketing information that
with the coils states that they are designed for a faster rise time than
stock, whatever that means."

	I'm sure you'll get some good references as a result of this note.  As
a matter of interest, I used a "yellow Accel Super Coil" to feed the
primary capacitor of a small coil.  It was driven from a 12V battery and
a transistorized interruptor circuit.  With about 30 watts input (2-1/2
amps at 12 volts) I could draw 4" sparks from the upper terminal when I
held a screwdriver near it, and could see nice corona in the dark.  Same
setup running from a 9 kV, 60 ma NST gave about 20" streamers, limited
by arcing to other stuff on the work bench.