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Re: Golka Photos, New Added 6, coil at Leadville, CO

Original poster: "Mike" <induction@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Malcolm, List,
6 New photos have been added, this was after the 51 Ft coil was moved from Wendover to the Climax Mine, Leadville, CO.
The filenames point to what they are. Look in area
www.hot-streamer.com/mike2004/ and Malcolm, saw your coil, nice.
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Hi all,
I scanned a couple of photos I obtained a long time ago from some Science magazine of Robert Golka's early replica of Tesla's CS coil. Terry has kindly put them at:


FWIW there are also a couple of photos of mine there, one being my very first working coil run from a transistor interrupted ignition coil off a 12VDC power supply complete with ceramic cap "MMC" c. 1979, and the second being an action shot of the last serious coil I built c. 1993. All my coiling since then (and there has not been a great deal in the past 3 or 4 years) has been experimental.