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Re: Tesla UV apparatus?

Original poster: Dgboorse@xxxxxxx

Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions and warnings.  Now that I have a
jargonary, I can at least read posts, whether I understand them or not.

Peter, I appreciate your sense of humor...I almost missed it. Thanks also for
the web site about Geissler tubes.  I wrote a magazine article a couple years
ago on the evolution of Edison's light bulb into a number of other things,
but completely missed Geissler tubes.  They look fascinating.

Dave Small, Thanks for your suggestion that I should be sure that it is not
an x-ray machine.

This is neither a Geissler Tube nor an x-ray. It came with a booklet that
explains its medical use as a UV generator. I found a picture of similar ones

E-bay has several for sale at the moment.  Mine is made by Shelton. It is a
larger model with an ozone generator.  (Apparently, according to 20th century
medical quackery, the few diseases that are not cured by UV are certainly
alleviated by breathing copious lungs-full of ozone!)
It has about six odd shaped tubes as Ed suggests.
A web site Terry suggested has some good pictures also:

Ed, I did take one of my wife's emery boards to the points (contacts) like I
used to do on the distributor on my old Beetle. That didn't help. The power
cord was badly frayed so I cut it off. I then made a probe from a salvaged
lamp cord with 8 penny nails fastened to the wires and inserted into BIC pens
with the ink tubes removed. I took a duplex outlet, broke the connection on the
hot side, and wired the two sides in series with a cord. I plugged a night
light into one side of the outlet and the probe into the other side. That way
I could tell if the circuit had continuity as well as protecting from a dead
short blowing fuses. I was able to discern that there were no open circuits in
the windings, but I was not able to make the vibrator buzz.

Dr. Resonance offered a plan for testing the capacitors and I need to e-mail

Thanks and best wishes to you all.
Have a great weekend