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some of the reason why energy and power definitions are confusing

Original poster: "Alfred Erpel" <alfred-at-erpel-dot-com> 

Howdy all,

A coulomb is (to me) an unsimplifiable property of the universe.  It is
6.41418*10^18 electrons.  You can't state this in a simpler form another way
in terms of ¹distance, mass, time and energy.  It bugs the hell out of me
that the coulomb in the SI system is defined as a DERIVED unit in terms of
amperes. And amperes has the status of being a basic unit. Amperes is
defined as coulombs/second.  Amperes were INVENTED by man yet have been
confered the status of a basic unit.  This I believe obfuscates and confuses
many issues.  I have no idea why this was done.  It is my opinion that
energy has nothing to do with time, however with this artificial definition,
joules (energy) = watts * seconds.  With this system the energy unit has
time in it and the power unit doesn't.

remember, amps = coulombs / seconds  below and:

joules = watts * seconds

joules = volts * amps * seconds

joules = volts * (coulombs / seconds) * seconds

joules = volts * coulombs

Hence, joules should (IMHO) always be spoken of as being equal to volt *
coulombs. This is a more basic unit and without reference to time.  Power
would be volt * coulombs / second.  This is way less confusing.

If anyone has a clue why the SI system made this exception to defining basic
units, I sure would like to hear it.

¹ distance, mass, time, and energy is it baby, that and nothing else,
comprises all that we know.


Al Erpel