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RE: Advanced PSSTC Self-Resonant Boards - FULL SCHEMATICS and now TAKING ORDERS

Original poster: "Tom Luttrell PWRCOM" <tom-at-pwrcom-dot-com.au> 

Thanks Dan.

 > Original poster: "Eastern Voltage Research Corporation"
 > <dhmccauley-at-easternvoltageresearch-dot-com>
 > E1 and E2 go the GDT 1 and GDT 2 transformer respectively.
 > E3 and E4 go to
 > the RETURN of the sames GDT 1 and GDT 2 respectively.
 > Therefore each GDT only needs one capacitor.  The capacitor
 > is to prevent
 > flux imbalance on the GDT core and to prevent saturation.
 > The sizing of capacitor depends on the actual gate load and
 > is not arbitrary
 > as it forms an AC divider with the reflected gate load onto the
 > primary side.
 > Dan
 >  > Excuse my ignorance (I know very little about SSTCs) but
 > why are the
 >  > gate drives E1 and E2 AC coupled, but E3 and E4 DC coupled?