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Re: Beginner information

Original poster: Matthew Smith <matt-at-kbc-dot-net.au> 

Hi Joel

 > My goal is to
>build a small coil powered from a wall wart or batteries capable of
>producing fairly tiny (1 inch perhaps?)  arcs. Is this a resonable
>(read possible) goal?

I believe that you would have limited success building a "traditional" 
(disruptive) Tesla coil of this power.

However, whilst not a true Tesla coil, a "flyback" system may be a good 
place for you to start, as many of us have.  This involves building a 
driver for
a TV/monitor line-out transformer.  There are lots schematics out there - 
try searching Google on the words "flyback" and "driver".

This would be a good first step, and a reasonably safe one to get you used 
to working with higher voltages.  You could also consider trying a 
micro-power solid-state Telsa Coil (SSTC).  Once again, there are a lot of 
good schematics out there.

When you are confident with the micro-power stuff, you can press on to the 
"big stuff".

This list is a very good place to start - there is a wealth of expertise 
that you can tap in to.

Welcome to a fun hobby - stay safe!



Matthew Smith
Kadina Business Consultancy
South Australia