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RE: Beginner information

Original poster: "Tom Luttrell PWRCOM" <tom-at-pwrcom-dot-com.au> 

Joel there are others, but this is quite possibly the best info you will
find online, Richie has done an excellent job with this site:


 > Original poster: Joel <Number6-at-gmail-dot-com>
 > My name is Joel, and I'm 16 years old. I've been interested in Tesla
 > coils for a number of years, and I've finally got up the nerve to
 > build one. The problem is I've never learn't much about the theory
 > behind them after all this time (although I am extremely aware of the
 > dangers). I would appreciate if someone could recommend some web pages
 > for me to read through that contain the necessary information. My
 > previous high voltage experience has only been with a tiny (<12000 V)
 > Van De Graaff generator that I built from plans on www.scitoys-dot-com
 > (still enough to fill my bedroom with ozone though). My goal is to
 > build a small coil powered from a wall wart or batteries capable of
 > producing fairly tiny (1 inch perhaps?)  arcs. Is this a resonable
 > (read possible) goal?
 > Thanks
 > Joel