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Re: Self-Resonant Driver Boards (DRSSTC, ISSTC, etc...) Bulk Purchase ? ? ? ? Anyone ? ? ?

Original poster: "Eastern Voltage Research Corporation" <dhmccauley-at-easternvoltageresearch-dot-com> 

Its important to note that even the best PCB manufacturers out there make
mistakes.  We had to recently scrap an entire lot of
16-layer boards from TYCO (one of the premier MIL PCB manufacturers in the
world) because a hole wasn't thru-plated.
It was their fault and they had to remanufacturer the entire lot (if I
remember correctly it was about a $100,000 order)

Your friend should have contacted ExpressPCB and asked for a replacement
board.  Heck, i made a stupid mistake once on an
ExpressPCB order (I had a mistake on the solder mask layer) and they
actually gave me replacement boards free of charge - even
though it was my mistake.


 > I should ask if he still has one of them,  I still remember there was some
 > kind of drill error on the board, either misalignment or wrong size...  I
 > wonder if the "bare bones" series gets the same quality control as the
 > masked/silkscreened versions ;-)
 > Regards - Jim Mitchell