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Re: Self-Resonant Driver Boards (DRSSTC, ISSTC, etc...) Bulk Purchase ? ? ? ? Anyone ? ? ?

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist-at-twfpowerelectronics-dot-com>


For the record, I have always had great quality from ExpressPCB!!  "I" 
would recommend them.



At 06:33 PM 6/20/2004, you wrote:
>No, these boards will be done through a local boardhouse.
>Also, what boards have you had made through ExpressPCB?  You claimed in an
>earlier email that you never ordered boards from here
>and that all your boards were ordered from a house overseas.
>We use ExpressPCB exclusively as a engineering prototype vendor here at
>Lockheed Martin and among the many departments (about 1500 engineers total)
>ordered at least 1000 uniquely different prototype boards from ExpressPCB in
>the past four years.  Everything from Power Boards to Signal Processing
>We have never seen a single problem among the boards produced by ExpressPCB.
>I find it very hard to believe you had a quality problem.
>Perhaps you could elaborate on exactly what issues / problems you had.
>Thank you
> > Dan,
> >
> > Are these going to be made by ExpressPCB?  I've had some quality issues
> > them in the past and I was wondering what company you'll be having the
> > boards made with.
> >
> > Regards - Jim Mitchell