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Re: Maxwell 31159 cap on eBay

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben-at-midsouth.rr-dot-com> 

Ben, all,

I think most if not all of the Maxwell 31xxx series capactiors are indeed
pulse rated
but are only rated for 1 pps at their rated voltage/capacitance. The Maxwell
sereis caps are pulse rated for up to 1000 pps at their rated
You could probably still use this cap in tesla service but you would need to
derably downrate the voltage rating to fire at 100's of pps.

David Rieben

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Subject: Re: Maxwell 31159 cap on eBay

 > Original poster: Ben Haylett <bhaylett-at-shaw.ca>
 > Currently there is a Maxwell 31159 type capacitor for sale on eBay, item #
 > 3821145096. The specs are: .149 uF, 50 KV, .02uH.
 > I'm not familiar with the type 31159, but it sure looks like a pulse cap
 > me. Current bidding price is $30.99. They'll only ship within the USA, and
 > unfortunately I'm in Canada, so I can't bid.
 > Ben