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Re: ISSTC Components

Original poster: "Eastern Voltage Research Corporation" <dhmccauley-at-easternvoltageresearch-dot-com> 

 >IF people had done such things in the past, why is it that people are
 >amazed when these new SSTCs are more efficient at making long sparks that
 >spark gap coils???  I mean... SOMETHING is different here ;).  Did the
 >technology exist 10 years ago but somehow was forgotten?  I dont think
 >thats possible with such a tight group as the TCML and coilers in general.

I think because back then there wasn't a medium like the internet and
personal websites where it was easy
to share both photos and videos.  Nowadays, you can post some photos on a
website among a close community of
tesla coilers and be world famous overnite - as you have clearly done with
the ISSTC.

Remember, Jimmy Hynes was doing DRSSTC work some time ago.  However, because
the coil wasn't documented with
many photos and was plugged much on this board or that board it didn't
receive the attention it deserved.

 >I also must note that when i claimed to be the inventor of the *ISSTC* i
 >simply meant to clarify because it is MY coil that has sparked Dan Ms work
 >that John Cooper was then refering to.. not really to make a bold claim of
 >originality.  Still, point well taken.

You not only sparked my interested (no pun intended), but inspired the whole
lot of us.

Keep up the good work Steve.  You inspire all of us!