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Re: Maxwell 31159 cap on eBay

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben-at-midsouth.rr-dot-com> 

Ben, all,

The Maxwell 31xxx series capacitors are indeed pulse rated but are usually
only rated at 1
pps at their rated voltage. You could probably still use this particualr cap
for Tesla service
but would need to considerably downrate the voltage rating for 100s of pps.
I would not
want to go much over 10 kv with this cap for Tesla service. OTH, the Maxwell
37xxx se-
ries caps are rated for up to 1000 pps.

David Rieben

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Subject: Re: Maxwell 31159 cap on eBay

 > Original poster: Ben Haylett <bhaylett-at-shaw.ca>
 > Currently there is a Maxwell 31159 type capacitor for sale on eBay, item #
 > 3821145096. The specs are: .149 uF, 50 KV, .02uH.
 > I'm not familiar with the type 31159, but it sure looks like a pulse cap
 > me. Current bidding price is $30.99. They'll only ship within the USA, and
 > unfortunately I'm in Canada, so I can't bid.
 > Ben