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Re: ISSTC HITS 55" No tuning yet

Original poster: "Jim Mitchell" <Electrontube-at-sbcglobal-dot-net> 


My coil has no details up yet,  once I have it set and tuned I will do a
write up on it and post it on my site.

I am using two 4700F capacitors in a doubler arrangement.  I am using the
same IGBTs as Steve and Dan.

My coil is currently the largest (working) ISSTC (not DRSSTC Jimmy... ;-))
I am using .15F of tank capacitance and a 6" by 30" secondary coil.

I added another 10,000F across the rails last night,  and the improvement
was moot. I think I'm going to need more capacitance in the doubler.

Regards - Jim Mitchell
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 > Original poster: Mr Gregory Peters <s371034-at-student.uq.edu.au>
 > Jim,
 > Where can I find details of your coil? What IGBTs are you using? How much
 > capacitance do you have across the rails right now?
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