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Tesla old lab location for the record...

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist-at-twfpowerelectronics-dot-com>

Hi All,

For the record...

Tesla lab was located at the intersection of what is now East Kiowa Street 
and North Foote Ave. in Colorado Springs Colorado.  It is just North of 
Memorial Park where there is a sign saying his lab was "nearby".  The 
residential developer apparently tore out an old shed like building 
believed to be what was left of Tesla's lab and built a house there that is 
now owned buy the former great baseball player Goose Gossage or his 
relatives.  Gossage was born in Colorado Springs and is from there.


There is NOTHING to see there now except the neighborhood and the Colorado 
Springs Police if you look like a pest looking for Tesla lab...   Gossage 
is 6'3" 230+ pounds...  Don't P*** him off ;-))


I can't stress enough that folks in this neighborhood are VERY tired of 
"nuts" looking for Tesla's lab...  So if you must go there, don't go 
bothering anybody and don't go knocking on doors asking about Tesla's lab 
unless you are wearing Kevlar....

The top of the hill was well defined and is at North 38 degrees 50 minutes 
2.921 seconds, West 104 degrees 48 minutes 0.405 seconds.



So that is where it "was"...