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Re: Rotary SG Safety

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>Original poster: robert heidlebaugh <rheidlebaugh-at-desertgate-dot-com>
>Yes......UV dose dammage plastics. The white PVC plastic arround my spark
>gap quickly turns yellow and LDPE becomes brittel, so your question about
>Lexan is valid. even teflon gets crumbly on the surface in time. I have not
>tested  lexan . I suspect it acts like other plastics.
>      Robert   H

Robert and others:
for information, this weekend we removed the rotor from a medium power coil 
that is made of 1/4" Lexan. The rotor has been in service for over 10 yrs 
in this coil which has been run many times. The disk is a little yellow 
from the spark UV and there is some slight burn or smokey appearance around 
the acorn nuts. There were no cracks; however, there were some surface 
scratches so the decision was made to replace the rotor with a spare.