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Re: KF-film punture values

Original poster: "Harold Weiss" <hweiss-at-new.rr-dot-com> 

Hi Rod,

Is the KF- film Kapton?  If it is Kapton H it can handle 389-430 KV/mm by
the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 84th ed.  Others listed are:

Ultem      437-565
Hostaphan    338-447
amorphous Stabar K2000  404-422
Stabar S100   353-452
LDPE (40 um thick)   300
LDPE    21.7
HDPE   19.7
Polymethyl methacrylate (plexi ?)  19.7
Polycarbonate  15.0
PVC   13.8-19.7
Polypropylene  23.6

David E Weiss

 > Original poster: Rod and Pattu <rstapivic-at-cfl.rr-dot-com>
 > I would like to attempt to build my own pulse discharge cap for tesla use
 > and I was wondering what the puncture voltage  is  for 25 micron
 > KF-film,  I've approximatly 2.5km of the stuff about 173 mm wide
 > thnx
 > rod and patti
 > honey why are the lights dim