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RE: More ISSTC theory stuff

Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner-at-optosci-dot-com> 

 >Very interesting.  I myself have a lot of experience with designing
 >microstrip versions of 1/4 wave transformers and similar.

Sorry, I think this needs some more explanation. Here is my theory...

In a ISSTC, the secondary is a 1/4 wave transformer and the primary is an
L-match. The fact that they are inductively, rather than directly coupled
complicates things, but not much. (The inductive coupling can be modelled as
an ideal step-up transformer, as Antonio showed in his diagram, and Richie
Burnett explains on his site)

Anyhow, a 1/4 wave transformer is equivalent to a L-match, at its resonant
frequency. So if we are modelling the ISSTC at resonance (and since it's a
feedback system, it will ALWAYS run at resonance) then we can picture it as
two L-matches, OR two 1/4 wave transformers, with the inverter at one end
(stepped up by that ideal transformer) and the streamer load at the other.

If you use PSpice you will end up modelling it as L-matches with lumped
components, since PSpice didn't have a transmission line resonator model,
last time I looked.

Steve C.