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Re: More Magnet Wire nitpicking

Original poster: "john cooper" <tesla-at-tesla-coil-dot-com> 

Poly-Thermaleze, Heavy Build, Armored, (APTZ).  Thermal classification of 
200, dielectric breakdown at room temp. of 11kV, and 7kV at 200C.  This is 
the best of the dual insulation system magwire coatings.  The first coating 
is a THEIC modified Polyester followed by a modified Polyamide 
Imide.  Corona inception -at-580V per their data sheets.

Imideze, Heavy Build, (IMZ).  Thermal class 240, dielectric breakdown at 
room temp. of 12kV, and 7kV at 220C.  Multiple coats of this aromatic 
polyimide.  Has the highest overload resistance, cut through resistance, 
and operating temp. classification of any wire Phelps-Dodge 
makes.  Extraordinary thermal and chemical stability.