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RE: Cap-driven x-former?

Original poster: "Godfrey Loudner" <ggreen-at-gwtc-dot-net> 

Hello Phil

I think it is a ferro-resonant transformer. Its suppose to provide
stable voltage output over a certain range of input voltages. The
capacitor circuit and shunts are essential to stabilizing the voltage.
In the case of your transformer, the capacitor circuit also acts to
boost the voltage output over what it would be without using the cap. I
have four of the same transformers. I loaded one of them with the
secondary of a NST and metered the output of the primary of the NST.
There was a significant voltage boost when I used the cap.

These transformers were once the rage among some for powering tesla
coils. Without using the caps, two of them in series provided the power
supply. The tank cap had to be a resonant one.
However, when used with a resonant tank cap, they were prone to arcing.
Insulation surgery and submersion under oil seemed to prevent the

Godfrey Loudner

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      What has puzzled me is why it has a third winding that requires the
use of a cap to make the transformer run.

-Phil LaBudde