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Power Center Finished. FINALLY!!!

Original poster: "Richard W." <potluckutk-at-comcast-dot-net> 

Hi List,
After over a year's work I finally got my power center finished!
Built most of it in an apartment and it snowballed into a monster weighing 
in at over 400 pounds. Then I moved and completed the project. This is 
built on a tracked undercarriage. :)

Short specs:
10Kva 0-280vac
4.2Kva 0-140vac

These are conservative rating in that I wanted a healthy safety margin. 
Right now I'm on a 30 amp breaker but even at a low 25 amps the thing 
didn't even breath hard. Nothing got the slightest bit warm.

The Power Center can be seen at:


Rick W.
Salt Lake City