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Re: Cap-driven x-former?

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 >     What has puzzled me is why it has a third winding that requires the
 >use of a cap to make the transformer run. The third winding is center
 >tapped, and it's inside (wound closer to the core) of the secondary. The
 >center tap is not used, but the seller's ad mentioned the cap
 >requirement, and they included a cap and a connection drawing.
 >     With the cap, it's works great. Without, the HV leads barely put out
 >any spark. How does this thing work, and can this "extra winding with
 >cap" principle be applied to other existing HV transformers as well?

 >-Phil LaBudde

Mine worked better without the caps. I tried them once and the
spark-length dropped by nearly a foot if I remember correctly. I just left
the third winding unconnected.

Alan Jones