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ISSTC questions

Original poster: "David Trimmell" <humanb-at-chaoticuniverse-dot-com> 

Hi all, I have a question for the New Age SSTC Folk (NASSTCF ;-) ) regarding
my "Interrupted" "wantabe" DRSSTC: Presently I seem to be getting stuck with
only 15-20" sparks using my Steve Ward style driver and 40 Amp IGBT
Half-Bridge. I am now trying my 6" secondary with the same spark lengths as
my 4" ??? I have my driver running pretty stable using a current trany for
self-res, and have played much with pulse rate and duration. Yes I have a
nice range of both...
But I wonder if I need a lower pri L, as I have 24.3uH (8 turns #10 on a
~10.5" form with bottom turn equal to bottom of 6" secondary)?

So what have others found to be the most Synergistic size primary with these
things? Keep it low and increase primary C? Do I need tighter coupling?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


David Trimmell

My driver circuit:

Pics of it in action with my smaller secondary: