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Re: New Toroid

Original poster: "Steven Ward by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <srward16-at-hotmail-dot-com>

However, I have
>read numerous posts specifying that 'you can never have too much topload.'
>I thought I would be advancing my coil by adding this new toroid and might
>see better sparks, but I see this is not the case.  I'm wondering if I
>should try and increase the input voltage or current to get the sparks I
>desire, and if I do so, can I expect better sparks from the new toroid
>compared to the salad bowls?  In other words, after increasing the input,
>might I expect bigger sparks using the new toroid or the old?  Any other
>Thanks for any advice.

Have you tried to retune your primary coil.  If you cannot tune in the 
toriod, your problem may be that your tank cap is a bit too small and could 
be a bit larger in order to supply enough power to the secondary.  I have 
had this problem with toroids, until i finally got a MMC set up(truley a 
world of difference).  With a good (and good sized, tad more than resonant) 
cap, you can use your large toroid.  You may also need to add a few turns to 
the primary(15 should be good).  Then again you may not, since the larger 
cap will lower the frequency and reduce the need for so many turns.  Or 
maybe you can try making another small tuning coil off to the side(currently 
being discussed on the board).  I really dont think that your toroid is too 
big for your power input(9/60 NST). You should get at least 2 foot 
arcs(really more).  And there is a limit to the size of the toroid.  The 
larger your toroid, the lower your res. freq. will be.  And the frequency 
can only go so low untill it really doesnlt work too well.  So get a better 
cap!  If not, youre stuck with an inefficient coil, whether you add more 
power or not.  Id say .017uf cap would be good for a 9/60 PSU.

Steve Ward.