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Re: New Toroid

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> However, I have
> read numerous posts specifying that 'you can never have too much topload.'


Such posts are incorrect.  The size of the topload must reasonably
match the input power.  If the topload is too large, that's bad.
However, having said that, a 9/60 NST can easily drive such
a topload, but only if the coil parameters are suitable.  I'm
assuming you tapped outwards on the primary by a couple of turns
to put the coil into tune with the larger toroid?  Since you only
got 12" of sparks to start with, this means the original toroid
is more suitable for the coil as it's presently designed.  The
coil may need a better or larger value capacitor and a better
gap, before it can give longer sparks.  These are most likely
what's limiting the coil, not the NST (unless the NST is defective).