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Re: Regulating Coil

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Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "Lau, Gary by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>"
> Based on your description, it sounds like this is referring to a tuning
> coil, in series with the primary, for fine-tuning the primary inductance.
> Since the main primary has only two turns, this allows an easy way to very
> the primary frequency in small increments.  If Tesla was studying secondary
> capacitance, seeing what added, known primary inductance can offset a
> secondary capacitance is a good way to do it.
> As far as "adjusting the primary e.m.f.",  emf (I think) refers to the
> voltage.  I don't think the voltage is what was being adjusted.

	It is common on coils to tap the primary, adjusting
	for optimization.

	On a large coil, Tesla may have found it more convenient,
	or accurate, to have a fixed and tapped portion.
	If he considers it all part of the primary (ie:
	common inductive/magnetic effects) I should think
	it is exactly comparable to the 'tapped primary,
	generally used.


> Gary Lau
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> In studying Tesla's measurements of capacitance variation one cannot miss the
> attention Tesla gives to a regulating coil.  In his regulating coil, Tesla
> using two fixed turns of primary around the secondary and then has a separate
> regulating coil for adjusting the primary e.m.f..  The regulating coil is
> considered to be part of the primary.  Has anybody on this list used a
> regulating coil and have posted results for its use?
> Dave