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Re: Twin Mots

Original poster: "Tim J by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <digital_raven45-at-hotmail-dot-com>

>>>I heard if one guy here recently that made a mini-pig from 8
>MOTs--don't know how safe this was.
Thats right 8 MOT's in series. I am still doing fine tuning on this 
over-kill transformer bank, but so far no arc overs have appeared as  it is 
under (luminol) high voltage oil. I really enjoy the jacobs ladder display 
it puts out, but I wouldn't use it on a TC curcuit!!!

I think its better going with just 6 MOT's in series for
14400 volts -at- 8.2 kVA peak with "everyday" 1.4 kVA MOT's if your going to 
run a TC. A friend of mine just got a pile of industrial 2.2 kW MOT's. We 
linked up 6 for 15000 volts -at- 13.2 kVA!!! However due to the insain current 
draw we are using some SERIOUS current limiting to get the current down 
using a "buzz box" ARC WELDER. We placed the transformers in oil bath over 
night and ran the transformer bank the next morning and........
no arc overs! The transformer ran smoothly.

This power supply was $55 US to make. But it is far better than spending 
$600 on a 14.4 kV 10 kVA pole pig!! Experiment...its worth the effort!

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