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Re: Wet Coils

Original poster: "Mark Fergerson by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <mfergerson1-at-cox-dot-net>

Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: (I have no idea; attributions totally screwed up)

> Cool!  So it appears that gross humidity does not appear to have any or
> only a tiny affect on inductance.  I don't think this test has ever been
> mentioned before.  I am sure the Q dropped like a rock but the inductance
> held up.  "I" didn't think that would be the case.  Shows what I know ;o))

  Oh, dang. I have the feeling this kills my hope of
immersing a coil in LN2. Anybody know what parameter of LN2
I ought to be looking up to determine if it too will drop Q?

> >>Paul can predict by computer that a lot of the Q variation is due to copper
> >resistance changing with temperature

  OTOH the relatively constant temperature of boiling LN2
will keep Q constant. But at what value?


> http://www.abelian.demon.co.uk/tssp/tcma/

  Oh, nice page. "Energy loss budget" is something that's
been worrying me.


> ...  Been writing web pages all day and burnt now...
>  It is non-TC related but:
> http://hot-streamer-dot-com/antibubbles/
> Ouch!  Unlike everyone else, the moderator can smack me for sneaking in
> non-TC stuff ;o))))

  Funny, the page won't display. "Too many people
accessing". Heh.

  Mark L. Fergerson