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Re: Twin Mots

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< I had 5 of the same oven made in
< the same year,same model with 5 different transformers!! cul brian f. >>

Hi Cul, all,

I find this rather interesting. It would appear that microwave oven man-
ufacturers are subbing out their trannies to the lowest bidder and there
must be considerable competition in the MOT tranny market to be the
"cheapest". That also raises the question of quality. I have never per-
sonally built and completed an MOT powered coil but I know many 
have built impressively large coils with several of these transformers
in series. Of course the fact that MOTs are built as cheap as possi-
ble and that they operate in a state of near core saturation at their 
rated input voltage is no news to most of us. I think the bottom line
here is that MOTs are fine for a low budget medium sized coil systems
but if you want a tranny that's really gonna last (and you can afford
it), then you should opt for a pole pig or a large HV plate tranny (or a 
couple of PTs).

Sparking in Memphis,
David Rieben