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RE: Wet Coils

Original poster: "David Thomson by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <dave-at-volantis-dot-org>

Hi Terry,

>Cool!  So it appears that gross humidity does not appear to have any or
only a tiny affect on inductance.  I don't think this test has ever been
mentioned before.  I am sure the Q dropped like a rock but the inductance
held up.  "I" didn't think that would be the case.  Shows what I know ;o))

I left the wet towel on the coil all night.  This morning the inductance is
4.59mH.  My estimate previously of the 10 to 90 nanohenry drift should have
been 1 to 9 nanohenry.  The total drift after 10 hours with a wet towel is
about 20 nanohenry.

>I ran a 50kV power supply next to a coil once so that it would charge the
area near the coil, it had zero effect on the resonant frequency.  I used
very sensitive equipment that could detect less than 1Hz change.  The
resonant frequency was the same with the nearby area at zero volts above
ground or 50kV.

The charge likely resulted in an even number of both positive and negative
ions.  The ion generator I used spits out mostly just negative ions.

>>Has this prediction been verified by manually heating the coil with
something like a hair dryer?
>It could be...  but not tonight ;-)

Keep this experiment in mind and let us know.

>You may want to try the ion thing next to just a wire or maybe just the
meter itself to be sure you are not seeing radiated noise affecting the

I'll do that today.