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Re: triggerd spark gap??

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My experience with TSGs interspersed below:
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Subject: triggerd spark gap??

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Hello all
My name is Josh I'm 24, a fellow coil builder in Boston and a member of the
tesla-2 list. I've been making coils for about 2 years now.
I am looking onto making my first TSG (Triggered Spark Gap).
It looks easy enough to construct and operate. I have been reading lost of
list posts and
Web pages and I believe I can start construction.
I do have a few questions:
1. Can a TSG be made to trigger the gap at a higher BPS? Instead of 120 BPS
what about 240 BPS? I want to get more out of my MMC.

Yes, I have run them up to 1000BPS with a DC supply.  If you are using AC,
then you are stuck at 120 BPS.  If you run at 240 BPS, then every other
pulse will be at the zero point of the sine wave, resulting in zero power
going into the primary.
2. How is quenching? Can I get away with no air blast? Or should the gap be
more of an air blast-TSG

I had to use a cacuum cleaner going at full speed to quench my TSG at higher
powers.  Raising the power even higher results in the gap working like an
untriggered gap - the trigger no longer is in control.  This is the
disadvantage over a RSG which draws less than an amp to run the motor.  A
vacuum cleaner can draw 7 amps or more.

3. Will a triggered gap handle the power from an AC 4 MOT PSU?

Yes - use big tungsten electrodes and a lot of air flow directed through the

4. How to I set the gap spacing? Trial and error?

Trial and error is best - gap depends on air velocity, gap voltage, etc.

Looking forward to posting with you all
Read you later