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Re: triggerd spark gap??

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> Josh,
> My experience with TSGs interspersed below:
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> Hello all
> My name is Josh I'm 24, a fellow coil builder in Boston and a member of the
> tesla-2 list. I've been making coils for about 2 years now.
> I am looking onto making my first TSG (Triggered Spark Gap).
> It looks easy enough to construct and operate. I have been reading lost of
> list posts and
> Web pages and I believe I can start construction.
> I do have a few questions:
> 1. Can a TSG be made to trigger the gap at a higher BPS? Instead of 120 BPS
> what about 240 BPS? I want to get more out of my MMC.
> Yes, I have run them up to 1000BPS with a DC supply.  If you are using AC,
> then you are stuck at 120 BPS.  If you run at 240 BPS, then every other
> pulse will be at the zero point of the sine wave, resulting in zero power
> going into the primary.

- snip - 

I use my synchronous rotary gap at 240 bps and it works great.  The firing
takes place at approximately 45 degrees before and after each peak of the sign

Ed Sonderman