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Re: SS MOT's

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<< Amen!
 This can only be good - if IGBTs are becoming more widely used in 
 consumer electronic devices, the day should not be too far away
 when the cost comes within reach of us mere mortals.
 Terry has some rather snazzy designs that are just crying out "try
 me, try me!" - just in need of affordable IGBTs...
You can get IGBTs for free as samples from Fairchild-dot-com
I dont know how well they will work, but they go up to 1500volts and are 
labled as high power SMPS and induction heating use.I ordered a 
SGL40N150TU, you get 10 at a time.Should be good for experimenting?Would 
these work like a MOSFET?Like, can I replace MOSFETs with IGBTs in a 
SSTC?What kinda results can i expect?

Matt G