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Air Core Transformer Model at 480 hz!

Original poster: "harvey norris by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <harvich-at-yahoo-dot-com>

I was kicking up the stream hunting for gold nuggets,
finding a few of them, but not enough to make a
living. Decided to stay with the stream for awhile and
more gold came out. But that was only because better
methods for taking the existant gold out of the crick
was found, by the traditional mining methods.

I then began an investigation into how many additional
expenditures were being made by the new methods to
find gold in the stream, where no one in the company
complained when we were now taking 4 times the former

A renegade leaving the company made a shrewd comment;
It is unusual to pay extra for something that is for
free! To end the parable here, the diversions of
sluices and current flows to derive gold from a stream
are most sensible and are workable for the extra
energy made for those constructions, likewise the
sending of three phases of current delivery by the
power source and subdividing those currents for most
effective voltage rise by resonance by induction or
otherwise: in those considerations it is always
recognized that the power should also be sent equally
among the phases to be the most effective.

But in contrast to that natural law. it can also be
shown that when the power is sent only through a
single branch, the other branches will also work with
no power input, thus the best way of expending energy
might be through a single phase expression.

To illustrate this from the three phase outputs of a
480 hz alternator, two phases of resonance can be
procurred and interactacted using 5 connections of the
stator, but the same or slightly better results can be
made only using 2 connections. DSR 2 connections use 3
stator connections, and DSR1 uses two stator
connections. DSR2 three fold connections can be
entirely removed as shown as
Disconnection of DSR2 lines 

What this shows is that only a 14 gauge coil coil is
hooked to two of three available stator outputs,
before the field is  even energized.(parametric
conditions) It was thought that the remaining three
(stator)connections were necessary to display these
good(secondary) effects, yet all three of those
connections can be removed, and the effect still takes
place! Strictly speaking then only L1C1 in series are
energized, and L2C2 as secondaries are acting as air
core transformers tuned to resonance for superior
delivery! HDN

Tesla Research Group; Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances