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Re: Electronic Schematic Software

Original poster: "Chuck Curran by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <ccurran-at-wi.rr-dot-com>


Another program that you might want to download and try is "Smartdraw".  I
was looking for something to accomplish the same task you have mentioned and
this one worked out just fine.  A trial version is available along with a
rather extensive symbol library.  The only drawback is the $198.00 price tag
for the professional version or $69.00 for the basic package.


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>  Hello Spark Enthusiasts
>  Anyone know of a program with which to draw schematics.
>  I'd like to make a
>  nice drawing of my control panel circuits etc for a web
>  site.
>  thanks
>  Bill Shepard
>  winchandle-at-aol-dot-com