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Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <Dan_Gallagher%PULSARNOTES-at-pulsartech-dot-com>

Hey fellow spark enthusiasts,

I'm trying to follow along but as a newbie I don't know what the heck all
these accronyms mean. Once in a while could you guys spell things out?

Like, what is LTR, SQRT, BPS?

Plus how critical is it that a SW (accronym) bucket cap use a NEW bucket
vs. a used cleaned out bucket that had plaster in it? I guess new lids
would seal better rather than the lids that got "curled" from removal.

Your input is invaluable to me. It is because of you all and this list that
I'm even able to THINK about making something I've only DREAMED about
before. THANKS, I can't wait to start building.

I am getting so close to assembly I can taste it. All I need is to get the
NST protection circuit parts (Thanks Terry) from Digikey and I can start
putting it all together.

Thanks for all the info folks.

Ft. Lauderdale