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Re: Electronic Schematic Software

Original poster: "Jan Wagner by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jwagner-at-cc.hut.fi>

> Hello Spark Enthusiasts
> Anyone know of a program with which to draw schematics.  I'd like to make a
> nice drawing of my control panel circuits etc for a web site.
> thanks

Microsim PSpice (or was that DesignLab now?) makes some good
looking schematics, but the eval version part library is quite restricted.

For a not so clean looking schematics print, but much more versatility
including PCB design, you could try www.cadsoft.de, Eagle DesignCad,
as freeware for linux and, board size limited, as shareware for Windows.
Many hobbyists make their PCB boards & schematics with this, it is a
pretty good program.

have fun,

 - Jan

 high voltage at http://www.hut.fi/~jwagner/tesla