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Re: HV power supply

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Paul Marshall wrote:

<< Sorry, I see two problems here one with 10 ma youll never charge your cap. 
 The energy will bleed off faster than you can apply it. The second problem 5 
 Kj isn't enough to shrink quarters. You have to be above 6 and preferable 7 
 Kj to get started.
David Rieben wrote:

I'm needing something like this to charge my
>(2) 100 uFD, 10 kV energy discharge caps for my quarter shrinker
>safely within a reasonable time frame ( < 2 minutes for a 10 kJ
>charge is what I'm aiming for).

Hey Paul,

You may be right about the 10 mA, but (2) 100 uFD, 10 kV capacitors
in parallel (200 uFD -at- 10 kV) is 10 kJ, not 5 kJ. (.5 CV*V = Joules)

David Rieben