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Re: oil dielectric

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In a message dated 05/13/2002 11:19:32 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
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> From my experience, shorts between the primary and secondary are tuning
> problems, not dielectric problems.  If the coil is constructed
> appropriately, there will be no shorts between primary and secondary even in
> close mutual inductance situations with air between them.
> Dave

I can't even tuna fish, i am sure my attempts to tuna coil would fall in the
catagory of hazardous. Seriously I have read about tuneing before, but an
somewhat hazy on how this is accomplished. I think i have read, the secondary
and the primary should be the same weight, which i am sure, has to do with
tuneing, as well as would the distance and diameter of the coils in
relationship to each other. At least this is my best guess, but is only a
guess.I know frequency plays a part, as well as the spark gap. I just do not
know how all the pieces fit together yet.