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Re: nitrogen laser triggered gap

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Ed: The vacuum tubes used for soft x-ray were 4 pin magnesium getter tubes
with the silver color glass top. Aluminum foil was wraped around the
cercumfrance of the top and hi voltage was applied to all the pins and the
Al foil. X-rays came out the top. It warked well.
   Robert  H

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>>> hi terry,
>>> I did the same right up till i got the cd set. funny i havent looked
>>> at  them much now i know i have them. always used to worry the library
>>> would decide to throw out all this "old junk" in favour of  "computer
>>> weekly" or something. I don't think i ever saw a Tesla coil  project but
>>> there was something using an induction coil for a power supply i seem to
>>> recall.
>> That would be the DIY X-ray machine. SciAm sure doesn't
>> dare print anything like that nowadays.
>> Mark L. Fergerson
> Unfortunately, that last sentence is a vast understatement.  Scientific
> American has eliminated the Amateur Scientist and Mathematical
> Recreations departments and has been dumbed down to about the technical
> level of the National Enquirer!!!!!
> Plans for that little X-Ray machine are available over the web.
> Probably find it through the Society of Amateur Scientists web site.
> It used a classic "kicker coil" and some old receiving tubes which are
> not regularly available any more.
> Ed