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Questions on Coil performance

Original poster: "Andy Cobaugh by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <kb3ewy-at-rcn-dot-com>

Hello all,
I have a couple of questions.  When I ran my coil with a 15/30, I got 30"
arcs with 15 geek caps in series.  When I moved up to a 15/60, I can only
get 33" arcs with 12 caps.  When I went to 11 caps, moving closer to LTR,
the arcs were even shorter.  It was in tune each time as I use a roller
inductor to tune it.  Also, how important is toroid height?  I see the same
performance whether it is 1" or 6" above the secondary.  What should it be?
 Any help would be much appreciated.

Andy, KB3EWY