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Re: G10 strength

Original poster: "Area31 Research Facility by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <rwstephens-at-hurontario-dot-net>

I don't think you have to worry about the G-10 fracturing at 3000 RPM with
those electrodes at all.  I've spun a .375" thick G-10 wheel (made by
laminating 3, 1/8th" thick panels together with polyester resin and many
clamps) the same size with about the same electrode clearance to the edge to
about 7000 or more RPM very briefly, with fourteen 5/16" alloy copper bolts 2""
long each and it held together fine.  I would be more concerned that an
accidental electrode collision could eject a contact at high speed and for
these reasons rotary gaps should always be built with a healthy explosion
shield around the perimeter.  I build these guards from multiple thickness' of
1/8" lexan, the individual sheets which easily bend to the radius you need.
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> Hello all,
> I have just completed a new g10 RSG rotor. It is 10mm (0.393") thick. 
> The outer diameter is 11" and the electrodes are placed at about 9" 
> diameter. These are 2" long, 5/16" diameter brass threaded rod. I'm now 
> worried that I have the electrodes too close to the edge of the disc 
> (1") and it will fly apart. The gap will be a 3000 RPM sync gap with 8 
> electrodes for 400 BPS until I get a larger cap, at which point I will 
> remove half the electrodes. Do you think the gap will survive? 
> Cheers,
> Greg Peters 
> Department of Earth Sciences, 
> University of Queensland, Australia 
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