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Re: G10 strength

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> I have just completed a new g10 RSG rotor. It is 10mm (0.393") thick. 
>  The outer diameter is 11" and the electrodes are placed at about 9" 
>  diameter. These are 2" long, 5/16" diameter brass threaded rod. I'm now 
>  worried that I have the electrodes too close to the edge of the disc 
>  (1") and it will fly apart.

I just finished a SRSG using the nearly same 3/8" G10. I hope you had as much 
fun machining the G10. I offer the following on a FWIW basis. 

I'm a little confused by your description when you say the diam is 11 inches
and the electrodes are on a 9 inch diameter but one inch from the edge. 
I cut a 10 inch rotor and mounted the 4 electrodes on a 9 inch diameter. I
have in there right now, four 2-inch lengths of monel metal threaded studs.
The brass is probably better but I had the monel from a SSG and changing the 
electrodes is easy to do.
The monel studs are held to the G10 using the very thick, heavy brass
nuts for extra thread engagement and surface contact on the G10. The G10
is very tuff stuff, I have total confidence in its strength. I won't stand 
to the plane of the rotor.  :-)) The motor is 1/2 HP, 1800 RPM, and I'm using 
John Freau's 
phase controller. The rotor is spinning on a 1/2 inch shaft arbor. Rotate the 
motor in the 
CCW direction so the torque tightens the shaft nuts.  The system has not been 
fully commissioned yet. I'll get some pictures posted eventually.

Ralph Zekelman