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Re: G10 strength

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> I have just completed a new g10 RSG rotor. It is 10mm (0.393") thick. 
> The outer diameter is 11" and the electrodes are placed at about 9" 
> diameter. These are 2" long, 5/16" diameter brass threaded rod. I'm now 
> worried that I have the electrodes too close to the edge of the disc 
> (1") and it will fly apart. The gap will be a 3000 RPM sync gap with 8 
> electrodes for 400 BPS until I get a larger cap, at which point I will 
> remove half the electrodes. Do you think the gap will survive? 
> Cheers,


Yes the G-10 is very strong, and should have no problem at 
all.  I often put the electrodes even closer to the edge.