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Re: Keeping up with the theory (was is Corum andCorumforbidden topic?)

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> John Freau wrote:
> > He intended the TCBA to be a forum where coilers could meet
> > each other, share ideas, see examples of other's coils, serve
> > as a tutorial, etc.
> Doesn't that sound a lot like what we want?  

Why did he

> wind the thing up rather than pass it on to some acolyte?
> Was circulation falling?  Was he having trouble competing with
> the Internet?  And what of the TCB Association itself - is that
> defunct now too?

Paul, all,

Yes, Harry ended the organization.  I think Harry did talk
of passing the task onto a new person, but there were no
takers.  Harry is very aware of the benefits of the internet,
and I do think that circulation was falling, perhaps for that
reason.  I think Harry figured that his organization had 
served its purpose.  He always said from the beginning that
he wasn't sure how long he'd continue.

I too have the complete set of TCBA News.  I'd have
to say the Newletter was not strongly research-focused.

Regarding research, I like the way it's being handled
on the Tesla list, and Paul's TSSP list, and certain websites.
The internet does seem to be perfectly suited to this, because
of the wide access, and especially the speed of access and

I would guess that a great many TCBA members were also
pupman Tesla list members.