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Re: hvguy-dot-com new flyback driver

Original poster: "Matthew Smith by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <matt-at-kbc-dot-net.au>

> Isnt it sad that those NICE flybacks are all under dirt?I REALLY wish I had 
> more. I have an ok one but it has many secondary outputs although its a good 
> 3in diam by 1in disk.Maybe we ought to "mine" these landfills?LOL im 
> kidding!Any ideas where to get these?Surely they are stockpiled somewhere.

Hmm - if there are folks out there who are winding flat coils with success,

maybe there's some way in which flyback secondaries could be home-wound.

After all, all that the modern ones are lacking is a decent secondary 
and there must be plenty of cores floating around from "dead" ones.

Just a though.