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Re: hvguy-dot-com new flyback driver

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<< When I was a kid, I perfected a flyback circuit that worked with a single
 2N3055.  The key was putting an inductor (couple of mH?) directly from base
 to emitter to suck the charge out of the base during turn off.  I used 20
 turns of secondary on the bottom rung of the flyback, and 2 turns of
 tickler coil connected via a cap to the base.  This was an oscillator.  You
 start the oscillation by hitting a button which spikes the base line, then
 its free running.  I used to be able to flash over and incinerate the
 biggest flybacks from the 70's, with about 30V Vcc.  This circuit was very
 efficient since the L-C high pass character of the tickler circuit pulsed
 the transistor with a very short width.  Rob.
 ps.  I'd love to build one of these again, but those old flybacks are
 no-where to be found except in landfills
Hmmm, sounds interesting.So an inductor would help out?What about using an 
inductor with a mosfet?

Isnt it sad that those NICE flybacks are all under dirt?I REALLY wish I had 
more. I have an ok one but it has many secondary outputs although its a good 
3in diam by 1in disk.Maybe we ought to "mine" these landfills?LOL im 
kidding!Any ideas where to get these?Surely they are stockpiled somewhere.