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Re: srsg pics for the "zip impared"

Original poster: "acmnovak by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <acmnovak-at-email.msn-dot-com>

Actually the ring was too crappy for the photos and a new one is under
construction. I'm trying to convert a hard drive disk to a halfway decent
ring. Sadly, I no longer have access to a lathe : (
I'll figure out something... the night is young!
11:34 pm here :oD

-Mike Novak

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> Mike,
> The rotary looks very nice, but I couldn't see any metal ring that
> the two spinning electrodes.  Maybe you added the ring after you
> finished the photos?  Am I missing something?  I don't see how the
> spark will make its way across the rotor from one spinning electrode
> to the other.  Is the metal ring somehow embedded (hidden) inside
> the rotor?  That would be an interesting design....  rotor made from two
> pieces of phenolic sandwiched together with the ring hidden inside.
> John Freau