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NST phasing questions

Original poster: "Jonathan Peakall by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jpeakall-at-mcn-dot-org>

Howdy All,

Before I go do something stupid, I just thought I'd check to see if I
have this right... I did read the phasing FAQ, but I want to be sure.

When phasing NSTs, correctly phased = no/small sparks when NST
secondaries are touched together, incorrectly phased = big sparks. Is it
true that running NSTs out of phase won't hurt 'em? I have a 15/60 and a
12/120, and some sources say that I can gang them up in spite of the
voltage difference and some sources say I can't. What's the opinion

On another subject, one does hook up line filters backwards with the
ground terminal connected to RF ground, no? I searched the archives, but
they seemed to be behaving oddly, I would hit a link to a relevant post,
but I would get an irrelavant post, like about pole pigs or torrids.
It's never done that before, so Terry if you read this, you might want
to check it out.*

Thanks y'all,

Jonathan Peakall

* I did a search on >"line filter" hookup< and it seemed to work well.  Put
quotes around "line filter" so it knows to consider that as a single phrase
and not two words. - Terry